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Leapin' Lizards!

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


We have a new game in our house.

Tonight, we pulled TV trays out, for a nice chicken dinner in front of a good movie (Analyze This, with Billy Crystal). As is usual, I cut small pieces of chicken for the cats, and sit them on the edge of the plate to cool.

Little Feet and Presto smell the chicken and come watch us eat, with those big, "I've never had chicken before...!" eyes.

After the chicken cools, I throw a piece down, and little Feet immediately springs to a spot, inches away from the chicken, and slaps his paw down on it.

I throw another piece for Presto, and he does the same. Neither one is eating the chicken, they are both 'tagging' the chicken. Weird!

As I watch, Presto then chases Little Feet around the room, where both cats LEAP over Senyah's TV tray. This is a three foot tall tray, and Presto is ten years old. Double weird!

They continue their chase around the room, then return to their tagged pieces of chicken, and eat them.


So I throw down another piece of chicken, and Presto makes the first leap, tagging the chicken, and he watches as I throw the second piece. Although Presto tries to tag the second piece, Little Feet barely beats him to it.

This time, Little Feet chases Presto, and as Senyah hurriedly steadies her tray, they choose to leap over the new coffee table instead, and knock over a (thankfully, empty) hot chocolate mug in the process.

Again, they stop at their own pieces of chicken.

I'm almost afraid to throw out more chicken, but that morbid sense of curiosity has a firm hold on me, and I throw another piece out. Presto gets first tag on it, and Little Feet tags the second with no competition.

And they're off! This time, it's a high speed chase off the walls. Little Feet knocks a chair backwards, Presto clears the top of Senyah's walker. Both cats use the comfy chair as a trampoline, and bounce down next to their chicken.

No catnip for these two tonight. Senyah says they don't get any more chicken tonight, either until they clean up their mess (grin).


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