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The Salad Bar

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


Well, tomorrow is my last day on my current programming project, so I have been methodically bringing things home from the office - a box of books one day, my desktop photographs the next, tea and teapot yesterday.

Today, I brought home the ivy plant, and sat it on the chest freezer by the door, when I got home.

I proceeded to clean off the breakfast nook counter top because I intended to put this plant, and the one in the spare room on the counter.

Presto expresses his appreciation of the new plant by immediately ripping off a succulent leaf, and chewing on it. The plant is practically screaming out. So I hurry and finish cleaning the counter, place the plant up there, and also put the other plant up with it.

Now, Presto is a slightly older cat, and hasn't been much of a jumper the last couple of years, so I figured the plants might* be safe from him. After all, he leaves our little potted Christmas tree alone (okay, most of the time, he does - grin).

He wants that plant. For the first time in a couple of years, he took a running start, jumped on the counter, and started in on the new plant.

Siiiiigh! Oh well, I guess I should put some croutons out as well.


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