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First New Fright of 2001

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


We are all relaxing today, Senyah on the couch, me reclining and reading a good computer book (Photoshop Channel Chops). Presto is asleep in my comfy chair (I mean "his" - did I say "my"? - grin), and Little Feet is gazing out the windows daydreaming of the yummy birds at the feeder.

Suddenly, something goes "wham!" at the window.

Little Feet jumps three feet in the air, part of it backwards onto the chair. Presto sits up and nervously glares at Little Feet. Senyah jumps and tells me that someone threw something at the window.

So I open the door, and go outside to see whose kid is bouncing balls off our wall. Little Feet and Presto have gathered at the window. Both are prepared to run away and find help if anything jumps up to eat me.

I don't see any kids, no balls or toys, nothing amiss from the day before. I look around the hedge by the window, and still don't see anything. Except...

...a big fat sparrow slowly sits up and makes an almost human groan, shakes its little head, and shakily flutters off in a direction away from me and the cats.

Poor bird must ne in serious need of glasses, as we have dirty windows. That, or it just felt the need to dive bomb Little Feet.

Now Little Feet refuses to budge from the window. He wants out the next time we have an unconscious bird in the hedge.


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