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Can't Think of a Good Subject Line

by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


Now y'all have heard me say the d*g chases the cats, herds them in the kitchen, etc. but just to be clear here, she doesn't mean any malice towards them and never gets rough. We tell the kitties that if they don't run, she won't chase, but they don't get it. My mom-in-law has a cat that could care less if The Moose picked him up and carried him around town, and The Moose just leaves him alone.

Just lately, we've begun to see little signs indicating that perhaps in 5-10 years, the cats and dog may learn to cohabitate in peace. There have been a few nose-touches and just today Sid actually jumped on the floor from the kitchen counter and landed RIGHT NEXT TO THE D*G, and neither batted an eye.

However, the closer they get, the more likely there is to be a small confrontation here and there. Yesterday Patrick was getting a drink of water when Moose decided that she wanted a drink as well. So Moose gallumped over to the water dish and stuck her nose in. We were quite impressed that she didn't charge Patrick and chase him away before getting a drink, but Patrick wasn't impressed.

Therefore ensued the funniest dang thing I've seen in ages. Patrick decided to stand up to the evil d*g and began to hiss. Moose turned and gave Patrick a very concerned stare as if to say "Please don't hurt me!". Patrick sat up on his haunches and put his dukes up... then SMACK, gave Moose one right across the kisser (and it's a big kisser).

Now we were both elated that one of the cats had finally stood up to Moose and concerned how Moose would react. No worries. Moose simply took stock of the situation, sat up on her fat little butt and tried to swat Patrick back with the fat paw at the end of her short little leg. There ensued a swatting match for a couple seconds then both stalked off to safer territory.

Needless to say DH and I were DYING laughing. Tears running down our faces at the sight of the dog mimicing the classic cat-fighting stance.

Earlier tonight DH and I were in the computer room, um, computing. Bob was lounging on the fold-away chair next to his daddy. Then Moose came in carrying her tug rope, looked around and walked over and propped the other end of the rope up on the chair next to Mr. Bob, her little stub wagging like crazy.

She was asking Mr. Bob to play tug with her. We couldn't believe it.

Of course, Mr. Bob would rather be shaved bare and walked through the center of town than to play with a d*g, so he WHAPPED her on the nose. Poor Moose was so dejected, she just wanted to play!!!

OK. Enough babbling :-)


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