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Thanksgiving Cleaning

by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


So we're cleaning for Thanksgiving. Not going all out because just my mother in law is coming and God knows her house is a pig sty LOL.

Patrick was sitting on the back of my chair in the living room. DH started the vacuum. Patrick's ears quickly flattened to his head in disgust. Patrick jumps down from chair and runs in the kitchen.

Runs straight into the d*g who is trying to "help" me sweep. Moose thinks "kitty wants to play" and goes after Patrick. Patrick wigs out and jumps on table.

Jumps on top of Sid who is laying on newly windex'd table. Sid wigs out and attacks Patrick. Patrick wigs out and jumps down on top of the cat feeders.

Jumps onto Bob. Bob flips out and smacks Patrick. Patrick dives under table and whacks his head on the table leg. Jumps up on counter and growls furiously with ears tight to head, fur sticking straight up.

Nancy looks over and thinks "Oh, I think Patrick wants to see me." Walks over to Patrick, gets whacked by Patrick.

Patrick wigs out and jumps under the table where he proceeds to sit and growl for ten minutes at anything that moves.

I just found Patrick hiding on my bed looking very disgusted. His little pink nose is bleeding a bit from a scratch left over from the fracas. He tells me that we must get rid of DH, Bob, Sid, Nancy and of course the stupid d*g. TONIGHT. He says it's time we get back to just me and him.

You see, I never ran the vacuum. LOL.

Here's hoping your Turkey Day is exciting!


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