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Sid isn't Quite as Stupid as we Thought

by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


Sid is the "stupid" one of my four cats. He very often walks into a room, intent on getting somwhere, then suddenly stops with this blank stare like "Where was I going?". He also frequently falls off furniture and constantly tries to snuggle with his brother, Bob, forgetting that Bob isn't his best friend, but actually despises him and attacks him ever chance he gets.

Anyway, for the last couple weeks Sid has been sitting facing the curio cabinet in my living room and meowing repeatedly at the top of his lungs. At first hubby and I chalked it up to his minimum amount of brain cells but finally decided that the curio cabinet must be the new communication portal to the Mothership in our new home. However, we slowly began to get annoyed with the constant yowling (especially during Buffy) and finally one day Hubby says "I wonder if his toy is under the curio cabinet?".

This toy, what we fondly call "Sid's Toy", is a small pink plastic triangle-shape with feathers coming out of the end. It is actually a piece of a larger cat toy (you may have seen it in PetSmart... it is a long cat-like plastic thing with a string that retracts when you push a button and it has a little plastic thing on the end of the string) that has something inside it that makes it rattle when it is picked up. This rattle noise makes Sid go into absolutely orgasmic spasms everytime he hears it. Sid LOVES this toy. He growls at the other cats if they try to play with this toy. Sid is the happiest cat on earth when he has this toy. Unfortunately, Sid loves this toy so much that he always "puts it somewhere safe" when he's done with it then promptly forgets where he put it.

So anyway, hubby asks about the toy... to which I respond that Sid is WAY too stupid to remember where he put his toy... but I get up anyway, get a flashlight and proceed to look for the toy. I look under the cabinet, behind the cabinet, behind the entertainment center, on top of the entertainment center.. all in the area of the curio cabinet. Meanwhile, Sid, sensing that Mommy may be looking for something for him, is following my every move and basically getting in my way. As a last ditch effort, I lie down sideways on the floor and peer behind this little piece of wood that is in front of my entertainment center (big tv too wide for entertainment center shelf, must use little piece of wood under front of entertainment center to steady it) and LO AND BEHOLD, there is THE TOY. So I grab the toy, shake it, watch Sid do an ecstatic happy-dance around the living room, then throw it for the dippy furball.

Needless to say, Hubby and I are rendered speechless by Sid's apparent sudden use of brain power. I mean, he actually remembered that the toy was in the vicinity of the curio cabinet! Then just this morning he wowed me again by showing me the toy was under the floor mat by walking over and sitting on it. However, just now we were looking for the toy and Sid sat on the floor mat again, but the toy was under the phone table on the other side of the room. Oh well, you can't ask for miracles, right?


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