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The Bug vs 4 Cats

by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


The scene:
Living Room
11:46 PM

I walk into the living room and see Bob intently staring at the floor. This can mean only one thing. Yes. Definitely something moving on the floor under Bob's watchful stare. A bug. A small, yet disgusting-looking bug. Bob is "playing God" and keeping the bug barely alive so it keeps moving. Bug crawls an inch or so away, Bob reaches out and pulls it back with his paw. Bug rolls over, Bob pushes it back over with his paw. Bob sees Mommy near investigating the bug. Bob picks up bug in mouth and tosses it at Mommy. Mommy screeches and jumps back, calls Daddy. Daddy comes into watch bug fiasco. Bob picks up bug in mouth, feels the tickle of little legs and spits it out. Bob continues to play with bug. Mommy gets the heebie jeebies and tells Bob to hurry and eat the bug. Daddy wants Bob to eat the bug or Daddy will have to dispose of the bug. Daddy hates bugs, too. Bob gets bored with bug and leaves it to go bathe.

Daddy grouches at Bob and puts Nancy on bug. Nancy is too wary of Bob being in the same room and jumps on table. Mommy picks up Sid and shows him bug. Sid says "Ooh! A bug!" then promptly forgets what he is doing and looks confused. Sid goes and lays under table. Mommy pokes Patrick out from under table and shows him the bug. Good Patrick! Patrick picks up bug and takes a crunch. Spits bug out. Bug still moving. 4 cats decide they've had enough of bug and leave it half-dead, still moving on the rug and walk away.

Mommy makes Daddy get rid of bug. Daddy says "You all are fired... it's off the the bread line for the likes of you!" while tossing the bug out the door. Cats look pleased, provided nightly entertainment for the slaves!


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