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by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


All right, I admit it, I cackle when I'm being tickled, and I'm very ticklish.

This morning, I decided to have fun waking Rob up so we could get to PetSmart to clean cat cages for the animal rescue group we volunteer for, so I licked his cheek. He moaned. I blew in his ear and he covered it up with his hand. I licked his cheek again and he told me to go away. Now I can't leave a challenge like that alone, right?

I decided that waking Rob called for some serious work on my part. I blew lightly on his mustache, he rubbed it with his hand. I blew a raspberry on his cheek and he twitched his face. I had to get really serious. So I tickled him. I tickled him on his side, under his arm, on his tummy and anywhere else I could think of. His eyes shot open. Ah ha! I thought, I got him now.

I haven't tickled Rob in a long time for good reason. He's quick. He rolled over and trapped me with an arm and his legs and was tickling me in less time than it takes to read it. I cackled. He tickled some more and I cackled louder. I called for re-inforcements from the kids and tried to defend my poor sweet innocent body. Nope, no good. Rob was in tickle mode and wasn't going to quit until I promised not to tickle him again and cried stop. I hate to give in. I tried to tickle some more. Mandy came into the room and grabbed Rob's foot and tickled it. Rob tickled me harder. I cackled louder.

QC walked into the room and jumped on the bed, walked over to us and climbed over to me and laid on Rob's chest. ALL tickling stopped. We scritched the kitty and told her what a smart girl she is. QC purred and drooled. Ten minutes later, she left the room.

Rob tried to go back to sleep. I tickled him again and the tickle battle was on. Rob and I tickled each other and I cackled louder and louder. QC came back into the room. She jumped on the bed and climbed over me and back onto the middle of Rob's chest. We scritched the cat and told her what a smart kitty she is. This time I looked over at the door and saw the back end of Merlin as he walked out of our room and down the hall.

Apparently, when I cackle, the high pitched noise I make irritates QC's delicate ears and she must put a stop to the noise. Being QC, she wants to try the less violent methods first. In my case this worked. Phones need something more drastic, like eating phone cords. I don't know why she hasn't taken out the answering machine, but the cords to the speakers on my computer have been spliced several times because she doesn't like the sounds coming out of it. Rob teased me about having a voice that even the cat doesn't love. I told him that cat food is available for dinner.


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