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"I'm not doin' anything, honest!!"

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


I was off work the other day and used the time to try to put my house in order. I was going back and forth from the bedroom to the livingroom and the laundryroom picking up and dusting and putting fresh doilies and rugs down.

I put 2 new throw rugs I had gotten in front of the sofa, placing them neatly in such a way to cover the worn trails after moving furniture to new places. Djoser came wandering in and sniffed the new rugs and then sat down between them in a meatloaf position.

I went on about my business from room to room and presently came back to the livingroom. I noticed the neat rugs were somewhat mussed but Djoser was still sitting in a meatloaf staring at me with big eyes. I was busy and passed on without further thought.

After awhile I went back to the livingroom and noticed again that the rugs were even more messed up. I was puzzled because Djoser was still sitting in a meatloaf with big, open eyes and looking ....odd. Then the dryer buzzed and I had to answer the call.

The next occasion I had to go to the livingroom the rugs were really messed up; but Djoser was still sitting there with the most wide-eyed innocent expression on his face. I went to the laundry room and started the washer and then quietly sneaked back and peeked around the doorway.

Ah Ha!! There was Djoser at his favorite passtime, subduing the wild and wooly rugs into submission! I laughed and his head jerked around with a startled and guilty expression---and still wide-eyed. I think he gets his jollies wrestling the rugs. I saw him once wrestling the bedroom rug and he had a blissful look on his face while wrestling.

I like neat rugs--less dangerous for clumsy me--but I also like my cats to have their toys. I guess I need the exercise of constantly straightening them so he can wrestle them again. :-) I get such a kick out of that cat. He is a love.

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