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Fun with Visitors

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


Last night was interesting.

First, we have a new visitor - a little black and white tuxedo girl, who hisses at all the other cats, but who is very friendly otherwise. She has taken to waiting for me at the door when I get home, and trying to come inside to eat from Presto's and Little Feet's dishes, which does not win her new friends. I'll just call her Sweetie Pie.

And Spot seems to have decided that I am now her person, as she is at the door in the morning to send me off to work, with cuddles and purrs, even though I only feed her in the evenings.

And all the outdoor cats have apparently decided on a schedule. Since Sweetie Pie and Spot hiss at each other, and Sweetie Pie hisses at Buster and Squeaky Girl, Sweetie Pie usually comes to the door first, where she is moved to the front door, and fed separately from Spot and Spots apparently year-old (or thereabouts) older kitten (if she's Spot, does that make him Stain - grin?), who will share the bowl with Spot.

Later, Sweetie Pie goes away, and Buster comes to the front door, and sometimes Squeaky Girl does too. Squeaky Girl will hiss at Buster, but stays far enough away from him,so that there isn't a problem.

I give each of them their own food, and eventually Squeaky Girl gets her fill and goes away.

Buster usually hangs around, and sits on top the air conditioner, and meows at me when he sees me. This means he is ready for cuddles and petting. Last night he did this, then did something entirely unexpected.

Now, I have mentioned that Senyah really isn't a cat person, but she loves Little Feet, tolerates Presto, and tolerates my cat mania (grin). Cats pretty much ignore her (except for Little Feet, who sleeps just above her pillow at night).

Well, Buster decided that we just weren't adopting him fast enough, and decided to work on Senyah. He ran over to her, jumped up on the couch, and lounged across Senyah's lap. At which point, Senyah says "I see what you mean about sharp claws", as he applied his special, pointy love massages to her leg, and purred for her.

Spot pretty much hangs around the back door. He appears from under my car whenever I open the door to check on him, or settles in against the door, so that he can drive Little Feet crazy (grin) to go out and visit.

Stain only shows up every now and then. He is still very kittenish, and I have seen him playing around the neighborhood. He is so scrawny, that I sit with him and pet him while he eats, so that no other cats run him off before he has had his fill.

Stain is very shy, and other cats besides Spot make him nervous. He has rabbit feet that one hopes he will eventually grow into, and is a beige cream color, with eggshell white paws. He looks very much like Spot in the face - the only pair of weasel-nosed looking cats I've seen (grin). Anyway, I am working on getting him fattened up a bit.

Funny, nobody has ever commented on my buying cat food in the 30 pound bags (grin).


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