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by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


I got a really interesting phone call and visit today. But first, a little background.

Years ago, we got Presto from the local animal shelter. He was a poor, helpless, lost kitten. At the time, he was just a stray. I paid my fees, and took him home.

The lady who contacted me says she has been trying to find us for 13 years. It seems that one of the kittens from her cattery had been inadvertently sent to the shelter with a couple of other "excess", "pet quality" kittens, and that they had finally tracked him down to the shelter when they were doing an internal audit of the breeding program.

Well, we had moved a couple of times, and the shelter's records were a bit spotty, so it took them this long to find us.

To make a long story short, we have decided to reverse Presto's neutering, and breed him under the newly registered name "Presto d'abord Avril", a nicely haughty and appropriate name (grin).

Hugs and Purrs and Happy April Fool's Day, Mark


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