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by G D Edwards, Chesapeake, VA, USA


It was a lazy morning, as most of them are,
I was snoozing and dreaming of fresh caviar,

The sun warmed the room, like it was mid July,
so out to the patio, I did fly,

As I cooled off, by the screen of the door,
up on a bench,........that IS what it's for,

As I looked at the door,........something seemed bizarre,
to my shock and surprise, the door was ajar,

As quick as a wink, as quite as a mouse,
I was out of the door, ......and OUT OF THE HOUSE,

I made my way to the backyard wall,
wishing as I went, that it wasn't so tall,

As I sniffed my way along the back flower bed,
I thought of my Dad, that great knucklehead,

for leaving the door so unlatched and open,
as if he knew that's just what I was hoping,

Way out in the back, by the big flower bed,
way out in the yard, where the weeds dare not thread,

I sniffed these and those, I sniffed this and that,
and I came upon the scent, of some other cat,

It was some strange cat, with a peculiar aroma,
that smelled sorta country, sorta like.....Oklahoma, :-)

but, no matter, least I was out,
when all of a sudden I heard my Dad SHOUT,

"Fuzzy, you get back in here, and I mean now"
I told him to, "hold on, man,......don't have a cow."

So, in I went,before my Dad went ape,
but I'll always remember, my great escape..........



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