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In Spite of the Rest...

by A.J.


Allie was the first cat we (my girlfriend Ann and I) had - a persian/clico mix.

Ann picked her, had her declawed (against my plea not to) and brought her home.

Allie was troubled by this treatment, lack of socializing with other cats, and by her genes. She had problems but tried not to let them burden us. I found three kittens under our house - their mom (a stray) bringing them to our attention so they'd be cared for (swear to god), so of course I took them in and cared for them. This was another problem for Allie who simply was repelled by them like a loud noise. Anyway, Ann told me to find Allie a new home. The following poem was created by me out of the overwhelming emotion I felt about this.

I am not a poet, nor did I have too much time on my hands... this was one of those moments that comes along once in a lifetime.

I tucked this poem away and came across it today. I hope it brings tears to your eyes as it does mine as I write this very message.


It breaks my heart to see you go,
but you'll be happier, this I know.
To a place that's quiet and all your own,
except for the caregivers, nice and grown.

Your were our first, we were not pros,
we even went and cut off your toes.
We made mistakes, and paid for them too,
but it will not waiver - our love for you.

That's why we are taking , this step for you now,
to find you that special home somehow.
You've been a good sport, sharing your space,
with others of your kind, with dignity and grace.

We'll want to come visit, though it may not be wise,
to burdon you with, big tears in our eyes.
Be happy my girl, you deserve the best,
you were always my favorite, in spite of the rest.


As a follow up: I ended up keeping Allie and have managed to provide her with a proper and happy life amongst 6 other cats believe it or not. I love them all.


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