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Stalking Susan

by Susan Zeigler, Des Moines, IA, USA


Rising slowly from the bed, he saunters out to the living room. Ears perk up and tail quivers, "What's that??" he asks in curiosity and excitement.

"AHA. It's a big rustling flat thingy I can hide under!! Must investigate!!"

He slithers underneath the large piece of plastic.

He turns this way and that, determining where he must be most invisible. He bats at the edges a couple times, distracted for just a moment by the interesting noise.

"There, now she can't see me. Oops, better be quiet. She's pretty deaf but surprises me from time to time."

He lays in wait; body, neck and head stretched flat on the ground, a front paw on either side.

"Here she comes."

Wait, wait, wait, LEAP!! Pounce.

"HA. Got her!! I'm so sneaky!!" Purrrrr.

I bet she wouldn't notice me if I did it again. Slither, slither, incognito back underneath the clear plastic. He settles himself under the cloud of invisibility once again.

"Ok, I'll just wait a few minutes. That way maybe she'll forget I'm here--she has a pretty short attention span."

Wait, wait, wait, wait, LEAP!!

"Hehehehe. I'm so good!!! That's why I'm the Great Black Hunter, after all."


Editor's note: :(


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