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Bunny Bouncing

by Susan Zeigler, Des Moines, IA, USA


The four orphaned rabbits survived their stay. But not for lack of Onyx's attempts at hastening their demise.

When Crystal had her first litter, I quickly learned that there is always one kitten that learns first (usually the smallest) and then the others seem to learn by example. So it is with bunnies, too. The littlest bunny learned to drink first, eat first, and unfortunately hop first.

The bunnies lived in a box in the tub. Onyx knew how to open boxes, but he could never quite bring himself to leap over the sliding doors of the tub. So I figured they were safe there. During shower time, much to Onyx's annoyance, I would shut the bathroom door, take the box from the tub and put it back when I was done. Even though he didn't like the water, Onyx always stayed nearby in case I needed to be rescued.

One day, I followed this procedure but didn't count sleeping bunnies in the box when I put it back in the tub. I then opened the door and let the "official make-up helper" in. I couldn't figure out why he wasn't helping me but was staring intently at the cabinet baseboard instead.

After he had circled the room like a vulture for the fourth or fifth time, I knew something was up. It was only when I got out the "bunny food" and fed the rabbits that I discovered there were only three in the box. Onyx was suspiciously quiet. The bunny was nowhere to be found. I shut the bathroom door with Onyx inside and proceeded on a bunny hunt. Nothing. Nowhere. I began to suspect the worst.

Suddenly, a great comotion exploded in the bathroom. I burst in to discover a black tornado furiously racing around the room in pursuit of a small, brown, furry ball. They had invented a new game--Bunny Bouncing. The rules were simple, chase the bunny so it bounced off objects in its attempt to escape. It would have been all over if Onyx hadn't been slipping and sliding around on the vinyl floor--the shape and size of the room making it even more difficult for him to maneuver quickly.

Kitty was promptly tossed out on his ear, hissing and spitting all the way. Bunny was again no where to be found. After a quick inspection, I discovered his hiding place--the cabinet baseboard had no ceiling and the bunny had crawled in underneath. I set out some food, closed the bathroom door and waited until a little later.

Bunny was caught, completely unharmed. Onyx had never even touched him. That was the inaugural game of the series.


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