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by Stacey Sharpe, Canandaigua, NY, USA


The Moose gave Patrick yet another reason to hate her yesterday.

Patrick began to edge his way out of the kitchen into the living room. Because Moose considers a cat leaving the kitchen a punishable offense, she jumped up and ran at Patrick just as Patrick stepped behind the chair.

Moose barked.

Patrick jumped.

Patrick's front claws grabbed the blanket laying over the back of the chair. The blanket began to slip. Moose kept barking.

Patrick was then scrambling frantically up a blanket falling down on top of him. He finally got a grip and launched himself up on to the chair. Unfortunately, he launched too far, because he tumbled straight over the back down onto the seat.

Moose then ran around the chair and stuck her sizeable nose up at Patrick.

Patrick then jumped up to the back of the chair and proceeded to fall off the other side along with the blanket.

Patrick returned to the kitchen, and with a satisfied "boof!" in his general direction, The Moose reclaimed her spot on the couch.

Patrick dissed his mommy big time all the rest of that day. Perhaps he was miffed that we laughed so hard that we cried?

----- The Moose does not hurt the kitties, just chases them and boofs it up.. she really wants to play, but the kitties won't sink to her level)


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