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Too Quiet

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


As you all know, we've been going through the kitty dominance wars here. At least until the last couple of days or so. We've also been remarkably free from visits from our friend Lee. Lee is a nice person, but will not leave kids or cats alone until she has got them in trouble. I did not make the connection until last night.

I was watching TV and playing on the computer when Lee bounced into the room, woke QC up and pulled her off of her nest by the computer. QC glared at me. Apparently this is all my fault. After "loving" QC for a while, Lee turned to the top of the highboy where Tanda was hiding in her nest. Tanda carefully peered over the edge of her softsided bed. All one could see were a couple of black ears timidly edging above the sides of the bed.

Lee squealed her name then pulled Tanda out of her nest. I told Lee for the third time to leave the cats alone. Lee said that she wasn't hurting them. Tanda glared at me. I knew I was in for a punishment later.

I talked Lee out of the room and got her into the living room where she picked on the kids long enough to let the cats hide. The kids became cranky. I know, they're teenagers and therefore always cranky, but lets say crankier. I pointed out the time to them all and got the younger one into the shower, figuring that Mike could take care of himself in a harsh and cruel world. He proceded to insult Lee in such a way that she not only thought it was funny, but very intelligent as well. We finally got her out of the door.

After she left I gingerly went back to my room, sat down at the computer and announced that Lee was gone. Berfert stuck his head out from under the bed (I'm still wondering how he gets under there as its base is only 3-4 inches from the floor) QC came out from behind the bathroom door, and Tanda slipped out from under the computer desk and behind the paper shredder. They all looked at me like they were demanding that I do something about the intruder into their peaceful home. I promised to talk to Lee again, though I've talked to her so many times before.

Then QC turned on Tanda and glared at her. Tanda hisspitted back at QC. Berfert ducked back under the bed and the race was on. Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting at the computer when the two girls came back into the room. They both looked tired and depressed. I talked to them and promised again that I would talk to Lee about bothering the cats. The kids want me to talk to her about bothering them too.

I'm waiting for feline retribution to fall as Lee has invited herself out on Saturday. Since she often doesn't come out when she says, I figure I have a 50/50 chance at a peaceful weekend


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