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The Continuing Training of the Pirate Cat

by Pam Shirk, North Carolina, USA


Pine Cone is not only continuing his training, but branching out into new possibilities. Today I stayed home from work because we were expecting a visit from...(insert ominous music here)...the cable guy. The cable in our bedroom has been acting up again and we were paying for channels that we weren't getting.

The first thing he said when he arrived to be met at the door by me and four cats was, "you don't like cats much, do you?" I told him no, I actually hate cats and led him to the offending cable line. We had a three cat escort all the way.

QC made the bed rock when she jumped on it to see what was happening. Penelope stayed safely on the floor where she couldn't see anything, but could hear any threats to her meowmie. Pine Cone could barely find room between QC and the cable guy's equipment, but he squeezed in. He watched every move the cable guy made intently, inspected all the equipment and actually got the cable guy to explain to him (and me) what the boxes, gauges, wires, and other tools were for. I think the cat understood it more clearly than I did.

The cable guy told me that he's not a cat person, but tried several times to pet PC. He is clearly not used to cats. He moved too fast and PC, while friendly, wasn't going to give anyone a chance to shanghai him and ship him out to work the cable lines. The cable guy laughed and made a joke about it, but I think his feelings were hurt.

The cable guy found where someone had tried to play with our cable service at the outside box and fixed the problem. He told me that the job had been done by a rank amateur, and I swear I saw Pine Cone's fur rise up. He called the company to have the signal sent in and Pine Cone turned his back on the guy to watch the readings on the TV. The other cats had left a long time before and Pine Cone was the only one who seemed interested in the proceedings.

I got my channels back and escorted the guy to the door. We talked about the work load of a cable crew in a city with over 100,000 people in it. (the crew here averages 150 calls a day and can handle 200 with overtime, and gets as many as 400/day every time the company adds a channel or changes service) He laughed and called it job security. Pine Cone was in the living room window as I came back into the house. From the intent look on his face, He may be trying to figure out how to drive a van.

Pam S is worried that Pine Cone may be trying to pirate cable now.


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