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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


Hi, All

We buried Traveller in the back yard this afternoon. We had a short memory session where we talked about cats and pets and especially Traveller, because he allowed us all to enjoy life with him.

Toward the end he refused nourishment of any kind, fighting me whenever I tried to give him anything. He didn't seem to be in pain, but he must have hurt. I'm not a great spiritual healer or anything like that, but in some cases I have been able to help both animals and humans. Traveller shut me out when I tried that. It's as if he had more important things to do elsewhere, and he would get impatient with my efforts to keep him with me.

So I'll let my friend go, and in so doing let my other friends help fill the void. They deserve the best we can give them for their own sakes and in their own rights. Already I can picture either Willoughby or Sasha taking center stage and sharing their antics with the rest of us.

Traveller: 1996-1999 a'levai hashalom


I don't know which is harder; letting go of a well-loved and loving companion or coming to grips with that loss at a later date.

Some of you may remember Traveller, our DSH tuxedo whose company we enjoyed for too short a time and whose adventures brightened all our days for a while.

When he passed away last month we were heartsick at the loss, but we didn't shed many tears. Well, not too many, anyway. Mostly we were sad for us but glad for him, that he was finally out of pain and suffering.

This afternoon I lay on the couch here in our new apartment, trying to take a nap but not succeeding, I thought, when Traveller walked in the door. He walked right up to me, with that sad, faraway look he always seemed to have. He started licking my face and was soon licking away tears. Just then I opened my eyes; Traveller was gone but the tears were still there.

G-d, I miss my little friend.


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