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The Day we got Vino

by Britta Wilson, Vancouver, BC, Canada


When we first got Vino he was a tiny 7 week old kitten. We got him from Victoria, so we had to take him on the ferry to get home to Vancouver. He looked to small and lost curled up in the back of his cat carrier! When we got him home, we showed him his litter box and let him explore his new home.

I think he missed his mommy a lot because he was meowing quite a bit, but as time went on, he calmed down. Everything was going well until the phone rang and we took our eyes off him for less than a minute. Suddenly he was gone!

We called and looked everywhere! I mean everywhere! We even looked in the fridge and microwave after a while in our desperation. The cat was nowhere to be found.

Dennis was convinced he'd jumped off the balcony. He told me to go downstairs and check to see if he was smushed on the pavement. He even told me to check in the trees in case he'd skewered himself on a branch on the way down! He was really scaring me ....but alas, there was no cat on the pavement or in the branches! Whew! I came back up and continued to look in the apartment. It was only a 1 bedroom apartment, there are not that many places for a cat to go (I thought). Finally, in complete desperation, we decided to dismantle our couch. It is a leather sectional in 3 pieces. We took them apart and turned them over, and there, on a board inside the centre curve piece was Vino all curled up and looking oh-so-comfortable!

We were so relieved! He had just put us through the worst hour we could remember. Turns out he continued to use the little ledge inside the couch to hide for about the next week, then he got comfortable enough to quit doing that.

He still loves going under the couch though but now that he's all growed up :-) he can't fit anymore. He runs up to the couch just like he used to, dives underneath and gets stuck! His butt will be sticking up and he will wiggle and struggle until he finally squeezes under. This always gives us a great opportunity to annoy him by pulling him back out or slapping his rump! (he's got an irresistible little tailless monkey butt)

If he gets any bigger he won't be able to get under at all anymore :(


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