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Surfing Dude

by Ginger-lyn Summer, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Okay, you all talked me into it. :-)

Now, Mojo was a Very Special Cat. He was a total clown, and made us laugh hilariously on frequent occasions. Maybe the fact that he was named after comic singer Mojo Nixon, and the fact that he had markings on his face that made it look like he had a permanent smile, had something to do with it.

Mojo was a, shall we say, thin-challenged cat. In other words, one of his nicknames was "Lard-Butt". His girth didn't prevent him from being quite the athletic feline, though. He would run like lightning through the apartment, chasing his buddy Trill up and down the stairs like a true Olympian.

We have a couple of good friends who, reaching middle age, discovered that waterbeds and back problems do not go together. What to do with their gorgeous, king-sized waterbed? Why, give it to their cat-loving friends, of course! Their kitty, Jake, had been so kind as to break it in for our cats, using the railings as a quite delightful scratching post.

Mojo loved sleeping on the waterbed. He slept right by my side, paws up on the railing that posed as a scratching post, particularly for Mojo.

One day, I was doing the laundry, and stripped the waterbed buck nekkid; there were no sheets or blankets to get in the way of that cool, lovely, sinuous mattress.

Mojo stood at the foot of the bed, pondering. Suddenly, he jumped up on the railing, and back onto the mattress, watching the waves roll all the way up the bed. It was just too irresistible for this athletic cat.

BODY SURF! He jumped again, creating waves, and, throwing his paws out in front of him, slid up the bed on his rather expansive belly.

Several more times, he jumped and surfed, just like a real Surfer Dude.

I swear I could hear the Beach Boys singing "Catch a Wave".


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