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Camping with my Cats

Part 3

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


I was stiff and sore all day after sleeping two nights on that ding-dang army cot! But I kept myself somewhat active so I wouldn't get too stiff. Back and forth cleaning litter pans and my potty chair. Washing dishes and a load of laundry. I thought vacation was resting and playing!

Since my son was working on my car, I let the cats out. I prefer they be out while there is a human presence outside. They had a good time running around and exploring. It has been quite awhile since they were out. They kept trying to get me out to play with them. You know, meow to come in and stand in the doorway and meow some more and then go back out after a few flies had gotten in.

I decided to rearrange some chimes and stained glass things hanging in various windows. So I got the stool and climbed up and down trying things here and there. I got lots of exercise. Sheba was inside napping for awhile and watching me. She was very interested in the hanger chains dangling from some of the ornaments. She also thought it was hysterical when I stepped on my dress as I stepped up the stool! I am bent over with my hands holding ornaments and off balance with my dress under my foot and she is leaning over the table next to me and meowing at me and swatting at chains!

I was looking through the binoculars at a new bird sitting on the bird bath. It was a beautiful Lazuli Bunting. Then Amber spotted it. He discovered cats can't fly; although he tried. He ended up squalling at the bird when it flew high up in the tree! He hardly ever uses his voice. I guess he really liked the brilliant blue of the bird.

It is nice to sit in our camp chairs in the cool shade and relax. We watched the cats from time to time as they raced around and played. Funny they didn't come anywhere near the tent. ;-P

For supper last night I got out the baby back ribs while Jeff got the bbq ready. Once the coals were ready, I set the coal rack up high and slapped the ribs on upside down and placed the foiled corn on the cob on the sides. After awhile I thought it was time to turn the ribs and put sauce on them. Funny they cooked a little faster and doner than I thought. After a few minutes I noticed a lot of smoke coming out of the grill. I opened the lid and everything was on fire! I slammed the lid down and closed the vents. When the smoke died down I put sauce on the burned portion to soften and cover up my mistake. {grin}

Supper was served with Amber and Shasta in attendance. I decided a little charcoal is good for the digestion. Some of the overdone edges made Shasta very happy. At least the ribs were meaty enough to have plenty of tender meat under the char. Amber doesn't like char on his meat. He tried to snag the good stuff while I was gnawing on the other end of the bone!

After supper last night, I noticed the cats were hiding. I wonder why? :-) But as soon as I hit the bed, here they came. They were positively joyful. Sheba licked my wounds she had made the last two nights. Apology?

OOOHHH! It was so nice to sleep in my own bed and spread out! Of course I had to maneuver my legs between cats that also spread out. But I forgot to rescue my knee pillow and extra blanket from the tent. However, I had room to try to position my knees so bones didn't press together. And cats to keep me warm. We all slept quite well.

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