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I Met a Special Cat...

by Catherine Sadler, Ramah, CO, USA


The other day I went to a new client way out in the country. As I walked to the door, her two big black dogs barked vigorously through the screen door. Then I heard the voice of the nurse expecting me. Come on in, she says. The dogs are ok. So I squeeze myself in with the dogs rubbing and sniffing all over me and wagging their behinds.

Then the old lady asks the nurse to put the dogs out back so we could get to the job in hand. After the paperwork for a new case, I follow the old lady to her bedroom. She tells me to be careful and close the bedroom door behind me so her cat doesn't get out.

Then she says I probably won't even see the cat as he doesn't like anyone but her and always hides under the bed. Then she looks around at me and says, That is very unusual. He just doesn't do that.... Her cat, Little Bit, is busy sniffing my lower regions and rubs his face on my shoes and purring up a storm. Then he wanted me to pick him up, all 15 pounds of him!

As I held him and petted him, his purr motor was so loud the old lady could hear him with her debilitated hearing. She told me how her daughter had gotten him for her as a very young kitten too small to leave his mother. She said it was a battle to save his life because he couldn't digest the formula and lost all his fur and went partly blind and was starving. But her vet saved him. He now eats all his food with Adolph's Meat Tenderizer on it! She mentioned an enzyme the cat didn't have but the Adolph's supplied for him. I had never heard of such a thing.

But it works. Little Bit is now very large and gloriously healthy except for his vision; which is why he never leaves her huge bedroom suite. (Her house is Very Large!) The old lady often lets him ride on the seat of her wheeled walker as she moves around the suite. He has lots of toys to amuse himself but his favorite is a crumpled paper from the old lady's lemon drops.

Little Bit is well loved and the old lady is loved in return. When they looked in each others' eyes, my own eyes teared up...the unconditional love is palpable.

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