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by Helen Miles, Caterham, Surrey, UK


As well as my "proper job", working for my charity, to pay all the bills I also have to work elsewhere.Today was an office colleague/acquaintances birthday, and everyone in the office (about 60 people) decided to celebrate by going to the pub, getting drunk, moving on to a large restaurant that stays open all night and drinking some more.

Now, I can get drunk with the best of them if the "situation" warrants it, but tonight I made an excuse not to be sociable. I had what I consider to be a wonderful evening planned, and I make a point of doing it once a week. So, I made my excuses, sorry, I'd dearly love to come, but I have other commitments and came home.

This is what my perfect evening consists of.

Walking in the door, to be greeted by 4 cats sleepily rubbing around my legs to say Hi.

Them following me to the kitchen, chattering about their day, with mmmrrpps and squeaks, as they tell me about the spider caught by Sam, and the birds they watched through the window. (Oh, and the perfect sunbeam on the bed).

They have their dinner, as I go and run a hot bath. As I walk into the bathroom (where Flo-Jo lives if I'm not at home), Flo-Jo stretches luxuriously in her basket, and jumps down to headbutt me and examine the contents of her dinner.

I have a long hot bath, and then wander downstairs to watch TV and cook my dinner. (Pan fried salmon, salad and a glass of cold white wine). Sit on the floor to eat it, as the cats have pinched the sofa. Flo-jo comes and joins us, and rolls around in the middle of the floor, because she's happy. The five furries and I play for about an hour (while half watching TV) with mousies and ping-pong balls and their all time favourite toy, feathers on a bit of string.

Then.... I spend a couple of hours reading the NG's, with at least an hour of that being RCPA.

After I've done that, I curl up in bed with a good book, and 5 furry hot water bottles.

Yep.... a pretty perfect evening.


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