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Persia's Great Adventure

by Jill McQuown, Cordova, Tennessee, USA

Mom is a little Ignorant


Preface: Persia hates seeing other cats on my patio. Squirrels and birds she likes to watch and make chirpy sounds at. But if she sees a cat she goes ballistic.

It got up to 78 degrees yesterday, sunny and bright. It was gorgeous! I got home and opened the window in the living room and the sliding doors to the patio (both have screens). Persia alternated between sitting by the sliding door screen and perching on the low living room window, watching the birds and stuff.

It got dark outside. Suddenly I hear this CRASH in my bedroom. (I figured, cat on the patio and Persia's doing her thing.) I yelled PERSIA! and then went in there. I thought, "She's under the bed because I yelled at her." Well, I'll fix this. I went to the door, screen door was closed. I shut the glass slider, then drew the blinds and closed them. Went back to the living room.

About 1-1/4 hours later I heard this noise. Like sh sh sh sh sh. Hmmm, whatever pissed Persia off must be back on the patio, maybe if it's not a cat it's a raccoon; I'll take a look. So I stood up and glanced towards the base of the window. There's Persia looking at me... from the OTHER SIDE OF THE SCREEN!

I exclaimed, "How in the Hell did you get out there?!" I opened the back door and she was there: meow? She was hesitating, meowing at me. Come on, Persia. She came in and I shut the door. I sat on the floor. She climbed on my lap and was looking up at me, chattering away. Little meows, like she was either apologizing or trying to explain something. Pat pat pat, it's okay Persia, it's okay.

I went into the bedroom. Drew back the blinds, opened the glass slider. The screen door was still shut. Hmmm. I gently pushed it. The bottom of the screen door flapped open like a cat door and then shut back again!

Apparently when she crashed into the screen, she popped it off the bottom track. Given the momentous sound of the CRASH I heard, she must have been quite shocked to suddenly find herself on the outside of the door! :-)

Since it was over an hour before I was aware she was calling my attention to her fate, she probably did a little exploring. Apparently she didn't like what she found so she came back. Mama? Scratch scratch scratch scratch, mama? I want in!

I'm so glad she didn't just run off. Because I had no idea she was outside!

Anyway, now I have to figure out a way to keep her from getting that door off the track. With weather like this, I just can't not open that sliding door. And she's bright enough to figure it out now that she's done it. I was thinking maybe I'd get three or four bricks to place along the bottom rail so at least if she pops it off the track it won't just flap open easily.

Dang, cat-proofing is worse than child-proofing!


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