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Birthday Boy

by Marina Kurten, Helsinki, Finland


OK, so it was Frank's thirteenth birthday yesterday, and I bought him some shrimps as a treat. You can only buy frozen shrimps here in regular shops (don't know if some gourmet shops carry fresh ones), so I bought a bag of those.

When I got home, I sneaked the bag into the freezer, and strangely enough, the cats were not on to me - usually they can smell a treat a mile away. Later, I put some shrimp in a strainer and put it in the sink for the shrimp to thaw.

Now the cats were getting excited. Obviously had a whiff of something special. But they couldn't quite place it. Anyway, now it was time for their regular dinner, so I took out a can and dished out grub. That got their attention for a while, and while they were munching away, I started rinsing the shrimp with cold water to thaw them, and then with hot water so they wouldn't be too cold for the cats. I left the strainer to drain in the sink.

Cats munching away peacefully. I sit down and wait for them to finish so I can give them the shrimp for dessert. Eye through a newspaper. Out of the corner of my eye, I see movement on the sink.

Nikki, the Birthday Girl - Not - has found the source of the enticing smell, snuck up on the sink, and grabbed a big fat shrimp. When I shout at her, she scampers away with the shrimp in her mouth, and settles down to eat it on the floor. Frank the Real Birthday Child comes running to see what the commotion is about.

The tinned food is forgotten. Cats climb up my legs while I dispense shrimp to right and left. Hysterical purring fills the apartment. It's amazing how fast a cat can eat a shrimp. You'd think they can't taste anything when they vacuum them at top speed, sometimes mistaking my fingers for shrimp, as well.

There's no doubt about what my furbabies' fave food is!


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