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The Jealousy of the Ferals

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


I'm a popular fella tonight!

First Bubba Kitty comes around to be fed. I dish out some dried food, and he starts to chow down.

I go to the front door, and the little squeaky girl is out there, and so is Buster. Well, Buster tends to push other cats away from the food, so I pick him up and bring him in with me. He likes to cuddle too, so this is not really a problem for him.

At the back door, I hear Bubba Kitty calling someone else a rat, so I go investigate. There is a new, pretty orange girl, about two years old, who wants to know if she can share with Bubba. Bubba Kitty is annoyed, but semi-gracious about it. Then he sees that I am holding Buster.

Bubba Kitty immediately storms into the house and gives me dirty looks. I put Buster down, and he and Bubba Kitty glare at each other. Little Feet comes up and sniffs both of them, while Presto decides to just sit back and watch.

Bubba informs me that if I'm about to adopt another cat, that he is first in line. So I pick up Bubba Kitty and hug him. I'm rewarded with a nice purr, while he sticks his tongue out at Buster's back.

Buster, who had been getting a drink of water, turns around to see Bubba Kitty in my arms. His eyes get wide, his jaw drops, and I get a "I thought I was your love kitty look."

In the meantime, the little orange kitty has snarfed up a good portion of Bubba Kitty's food. When he goes back outside, he immediately sits in front of his bowl, and shares a glare between me, Buster, and the orange one.

The orange one sort of mosey's over, as only a cat can do, and flirts with my hand. I get in a head butt, a couple of leg rubs, and I think I heard a little purr in there too.

I haven't seen Chomper tonight. My hand is feeling better - the Cipro seems to be working. Not nearly as many ice packs needed (grin).

I wish I could keep them all (or better, find them homes) - I love them all dearly. I think Presto has given up all hope of ever being an only cat, and Little Feet is simply intrigued with all the other cats. I think Little Feet actually approves of me helping out all the ferals, since he was lost and homeless when he found us.


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