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Little Feet Discovers a new Spot to Sit

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


I spend a lot of time on the computer, and Little Feet and Presto usually join me in the computer room. Little Feet, in particular, has a bad habit of sitting very close to the chair, in a position where it is difficult to see him.

Fortunately for him, I always look around to make sure that furry bits are not getting rolled over when I have to get up. A couple of close calls, however, have apparently made him rethink his literal position.

For the past week or two, Little Feet has noticed that there is a platform of sorts, at elbow level of my desk. He has taken to sitting there to get ear skritches and attention, and has repaid nicely with his new and improved purrs (I think Presto has been teaching him how to purr).

In short, he has discovered the paper shredder. It is one that has an electric eye so that it starts up if the beam is blocked. I tend to keep the shredder turned off.

But Little Feet has another bad habit. He has a bad case of on-button butt. When he sits on the clock radio, he always manages to sit on the snooze button. Which is why I now have a clock radio with a reset button. He has also managed to sit on the 'sounds' button, which starts a white noise forest sequence. I think he likes to hear the birds chirp.

Anyway, his butt discovered the on button to the shredder. And a few strands of loose fur blocked the electric eye, which started the shredder. Little Feet didn't stick around to see how hungry this new monster is; he simply stalked away, grumbling that his new seat was growling at him.

I'll just have to keep it unplugged, I suspect...


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