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Presto's New Toy

by Mark Edwards, Arlington, Texas, USA


Tonight we set up Senyah's Christmas present - a new coffee table (or cocktail table as they seem to be called nowadays). This involved dragging in the big box and setting it on its end, while we cleaned out and disposed of the old 25-year old table.

Of course, Presto and Little Feet sat guard on either side of the big box and watched as we emptied the old table.

Finally, I took the old table outside, and opened the box for the new table. Immediately, both cats are in the big box, investigating. I pull the new table out, and stand it on its end, so I can get to the shelf and the glass half-top.

Presto climbs into what will be the shelf area, and swats Little Feet each time he passes by. Little Feet wanders around and around the table, and tries to avoid getting swatted. Meanwhile, I am struggling to undo the strap that holds the shelf and the glass to the bottom of the table. I manage to slug myself in the face once, and both cats run when I turn the air to ozone around me.

Finally, I get all the parts out, lower the table to its proper orientation, and insert the glass. Presto gets in the shelf area, and looks up through the glass. Little Feet has discovered that there is a set of cabinet doors on one side, and climbs inside.

Presto notices that Little Feet is in the cabinet, so moves to investigate, which allows me to insert the shelf, while Presto goes into the cabinet and beats up Little Feet. So Little Feet walks around to the other side, and discovers a lean-to drawer (you pull it out, and it leans out at an angle). He pulls it open, climbs inside, and it automatically closes.

Presto gets bored with being king of the cabinet, climbs across the table, then nests down on the shelf. Senyah tells me (as he stands on the table) that it looks like he has chosen the table to as his own. I tell her, no, he will probably nest out on the shelf and stare at her through the glass (which he proceeds to do - grin).

Little Feet, in the meantime, has gotten bored waiting for Presto to search for him, so he leans forward to open the drawer, and climbs out. When Little Feet sees Presto on the top shelf, Little Feet crawls under the shelf and bats at Presto from all three sides.

Of course, Presto turns around to see where Little Feet is attacking from. At which point, Little Feet attacks from the side closest to Presto's flank. Presto finally gets the idea, and lowers his head down just in time to see Little Feet preparing his next attack.

Boy, was Little Feet surprised to see Presto attacking his flanks (grin).

I think the cats like their new toy. I think Senyah does, too, and that the cats will have to fight tooth and nail to wrest it away from her (grin).

I have pictures of Presto on the new shelf, but still have to unload them from the camera, and put them up. But I'll get part of that done tomorrow.


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