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Yukon Outside on his Own

by Krista Clement, Kelowna BC, Canada


Arrived home tonight about dusk, and Yukon came out to greet DH and I as we walked towards the house. Not so strange except that he wasn't on his harness and leash!

It was drizzling a little rain on his poor head, so Yukon led us straight to the front door, yelling the whole way. We were a little shocked to find him outside on his own.

Our Aussie met us at the door, saw Yukon, said, "Oh, was he outside?" Apparently, when the Aussie was painting the UPSTAIRS windows, he found all the other cats and shut them in a back part of the house. But he couldn't find Yukon.

He figured that was okay because 2 of the windows are over straight vertical walls (way up off the ground, like maybe 15 feet). The other windows are just above the roof, so a cat could jump out onto the roof.... but on the inside they are over a stairwell, so the cat would have to walk along the narrow shelf past the plants to get out the window. And then there is the drop from the roof to the ground.....

Anyways, he had looked around but not seen Yukon, so figured the Stupid One was just sleeping somewhere indoors.

Then we come home, and here is Yukon.... outside, slightly damp, a few gritty bits on his fur, toes cold.

Did Yukon, who trips on the flat ground, make it along the ledge by the stairs to get out the window?
Did Yukon who has a hard time jumping on & off the coffee table, voluntarily jump off the roof?
If he did make it out on the roof... Did he simply slide right off, plonk.
Or did Yukon FALL out the other windows, all the way to the lawn below? (I should just go out and look for a big dent in the lawn-- then I'd know which window he came out of!!)

At least he seems unhurt and sassy still.


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