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Tribute to Ollie

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


It is now eighteen months since Ollie disappeared and on this second Christmas without him it is time to let go and say goodbye. What fun and love he gave us. I have loved many cats in my life but I have never known one like him. For months I woke at night thinking I could hear him yelling. But it was always just the wind, or birds rustling in the trees.

From the moment Ollie arrived next door he was bent on domination. Such a prankster he was and it was a simple task for him to slip into the house - after all, you don't expect the neighbours' cat to march in and take you over! He blanketed us in love. He adoringly sprayed the house to mark it as his own personal territory and ensured his rapid expulsion. My brother, who looked after our house for six weeks facilitated the complete take-over. "What a nice new cat you have," he said on our return from our trip. "He loves chicken and always sleeps with me."

I have never forgotten the smug look on that cat's face. After that our attempts to lock him out were half-hearted, we knew, in our hearts that he had won.

I always knew that Ollie was more at risk than other cats. He had been seen by people a mile from home! He had a passion for sleeping in cars. He meddled in other peoples' affairs and marched into their houses as if he owned them. After all, not everyone loves a meddling cat. Most mornings I breathed a sigh relief when I heard him yowling at the bedroom window after a night's doings of heaven knows what!

For a long time after Ollie vanished I castigated myself for not trying to keep him home at nights. I had tried a couple of times to lock him up but it was a disaster. He was a cat that brooked no interference in his affairs - honestly, he screamed so loudly, for so long, that you would have thought he was being tortured. Perhaps he was, freedom was the breath of life for Ollie. He needn't have worried, I couldn't stand it for long, out he went to take his chances. What Ollie wanted he got!

Ollie, you lovely boy, I hope the tides of chance have taken you to a home where people will love you and protect you. But if those tides have taken you to Rainbow Bridge, wait for us. One day we will see you again.

Ted, Bev and John


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