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Reports from Australia

by David Stevenson


I visited Australia in January and February of 2000, and I promised to write some reports on various matters. They are in Word 97.

To look at the various reports, either download the ones that interest you, or download all of them in the file "All Reports". To do this, right-click on the relevant link below, and then click on "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Once you have downloaded each file, unzip it and then look at it in Word.

WinZipIf you do not have a facility to unzip documents then you should download an evaluation copy of WinZip which is available at the WinZip site

The various reports for download are:

  1. Miscellaneous Comments
  2. Regulations and Supplementary Regulations, ABF Summer Festival
  3. ABF Written Bidding and Bidding Box Regulations
  4. Supplementary Regulations, QBA Gold Coast Congress
  5. ABF Systems Regulations
  6. ABF Alerting Regulations
  7. ABF Screen Regulations
  8. ABF Appeal Regulations
  9. What is a negative double?
  10. Appeals at the ABF Summer Festival
  11. Copy of EBU Appeal Form [for report "Appeals at the ABF Summer Festival"]
  12. "The Bloodbath": Method of assigning the first round of Swiss Teams
  13. Seeding in pairs tournaments

I was asked not to be tactful, since the reports would not be much use if I was.

My overall impression of both main events was that they were excellently run, and nothing in the reports should be read as suggesting other than that.


Gopher Editor's note:

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