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  1. Diane Stapley, a friend through cats, has a very interesting web site
  2. Smudge: the Grand Old Man of Alue!
  3. Stu Wade, a bridge partner of mine from years ago
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  1. - browse the Keyword Map of New!
  2. Guess which sit-com character [UK or USA]! This is a wonderful site!
  3. Electron Games
  4. About Card Games
  5. Card Games Directory
  6. You too can see what it is like in California!
  7. Advice on what to buy on the American Stock Exchange
  8. Lyante's Whimsical Pins, Earrings, and Gifts
  9. Anecdotes from Yeats to Gates!
  10. United Kingdom - European Regional Directory
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  1. Help feed the world
  2. Help save the world's rainforests
  3. Due South: a wonderful TV program!
  4. The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society's Urban Legends Reference Pages
  5. Can a Fish Play a Shell Game? A card trick!
  6. Health Resources - Your online resource for Health!
  7. Funny Dogs Fine Art [including Billiards & Poker Playing Dogs]
  8. Dog Tags, Pet Tags
  9. All about Bali, one of the world's great resorts
  10. More about Bali
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  1. Deathclock! For the macabre view of life!
  2. What has life in store for you?
  3. Keirsey Temperament and Character site: test yourself
  4. What Chinese sign are you?
  5. Dante's Inferno Test - Impurity, Sin... and Damnation
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  1. For a good newsreader try Agent, or a free version without all features called FreeAgent
  2. Read all about computer virus myths & hoaxes
  3. Download Arachnophilia - The best software for designing web pages
  4. Arachnophilia is CareWare - read about it here
  5. UK Software HQ - Your online resource for Software!
  6. - Free Web Tools for Webmasters
  7. Benign product page - Keep nasties out of your email
  8. Xenu - Check the links on your website
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  1. News of the World Reporter caught with his trousers down!!
  2. Hamsterdance: you have to see and hear it!
  3. The Rare Glitch Project - The legendary search for a stable version of Windows
  4. A Netizen's Guide to Flame Warriors
  5. Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - An Effective Solution To Combating Mind-Control
  6. What is your Viking Name?
  7. Fight the little Stick men!
  8. The Great Australian Crawl
  9. Laughlab - the search for the world's funniest joke
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  1. Google search - how it really works
  2. Animal testing on marshmallows
  3. The Flummery Digest
  4. American-English dictionary
  5. Darwin Awards - how to improve the gene pool
  6. Take the Densa test - and see if you are a moron!
  7. Trouser Semaphore
  8. Dwarf tossing banned - I know it is not meant to be funny! New!
  9. Computer Stupidities New!
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  1. Find out general information: ask a British librarian!
  2. Find an email address
  3. 123Greetings: free greetings for the planet New!
  4. :) See also my Special Services section :)
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Check your cricket scores at: Cricinfo Are you interested in American football?
Why not see how NFL Europe [formerly the World League] is doing?
NFL Europe
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Links Sporting Links 2 Links

  1. NFL: National Football League, American Football in the USA
  2. San Francisco 49ers: my NFL team
  3. MLB: Major League Baseball in the USA
  4. Boston Red Sox: my MLB team
  5. MLS: Major League Soccer in the USA
  6. DC United: my MLS team
  7. AFL: Australian Football League, Australian rules football, developed in Victoria
  8. West Coast Eagles: my AFL team
  9. NBA: National Basketball Association in the USA
  10. Los Angeles Lakers: my NBA team
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Links Sporting Links 3 Links

  1. NHL: National Hockey League in the USA
  2. Vancouver Canucks: my NHL team
  3. Liverpool Football Club: my English Soccer team
  4. West Brom on the Net: another English Soccer team
  5. Fede1 for Formula 1 motor racing
  6. Lancashire County Cricket Club: my Cricket team
  7. Duckworth_Lewis formula for rain affected cricket matches
  8. MSO Worldwide - Bringing Brains Together!
  9. - horse racing information
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