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When A Cat Dreams

by Robert Greenwood, Lubbock, Texas, USA


A young cat sleeping, dreaming peacefully in their Humans lap feeling secure
with this person who has always been there with food and love to chase
away the evil noises and the dark shadows.

Here she sleeps, sleeping the good sleep soft and deep dreams
of mice and birds and jumping insects.

Time passes, the young cat grows older but still secure in the arms
and lap of her Human. There are not so many scarey and evil
monsters now.

Her Human listens to the gentile sounds of sleep and smiles.

Walks are remembered in dreams.

All alone in the forest she walks, Head held high, tail twitching with excitement.

A bug jumps, She pounces.

Overhead a large Falcon watches.

A tree oozes sap and calls for her to smell.

From underneath a bush she watches.

Images of cats she has known walk through her dream.

She remembers.

The little furry black and white kitten with the squeeky little meow follows her.

Years pass.

She is old now.

Her cat friends visit.

Many cats she has known.

Where did they go?

The little fuzzy black and white kitten is grown now.

She watches him and remembers.

The sleep is deeper now.

She breathes silently as she sleeps.

The gentle carress from her Human eases her sleep.

The morning sun gently arrives.

In her dreams she remembers.

Playing in the sun.

Rolling in the tall grass.

The sleep dreams are over now.

Her Human cries.


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