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What is on my Bridgepage?

This page contains articles [some funny], stories and links to do with playing the game of Bridge. Submissions are welcome.

It does not contain anything to do with Tournament Direction, the Laws, Movements, and so on: for these see my Lawspage.

Items of a more general nature appear on my Generalpage, including a section on Netiquette: how to post to Usenet.

If you want to tell me what you think of my site there are various methods of feedback detailed on my Homepage. There is also a list there of all the articles and authors on the site.

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Bridge Information

  1. Bridge Newsgroups: what do they contain and where are they?
  2. Diana, Princess of Wales: she was the only bridge-playing Royal
  3. Bridge Professional: any Bridge players want to play with one?
  4. Bridge Professional on BBO: an easily affordable way to improve Updated
  5. Robots on BBO New!
  6. Enjoy a Bridge Holiday
  7. Usenet Bridge Abbreviations
  8. Advice on Style for Contributions to
  9. Download a Convention Card Editor
What's on my
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Bridge Events

  1. Bill Hughes Simultaneous Pairs
  2. Frederiksberg Alle Bridge Festival - 1998 Story & Results
  3. Cheshire Salver - 1996 Story
  4. The 1993 Tollemache Final by Peter Slatcher, Castletown, Isle of Man
  5. Hands from Cavendish 2000 by Barry Rigal, New York, USA
  6. Cambria Cup & Welsh Cup queries by David Stevenson
  7. President's Cup - Results from 2009 onwards Updated
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1997 Laws of Bridge

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