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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


It's always entertaining to see how these little hairy varmint critters interact.

Our boy Cherokee is a rather grumpy old puss who does not suffer fools gladly. If Mac gets a little too excited trying to romp with him, Cherokee goes for blood and bone, letting Mac know in no uncertain terms he is not going to allow any undue familiarity. What keeps Mac coming back for more is that sometimes the cat is feeling a little mellow and playful, and they enjoy a nice romp. Critters are like people. . .well, some people, that way. Any man who is or has been married for more than two weeks can verify that observation. :-)

Cherokee is like most animals in that he will show a little more patience with youngsters. Actions that would get Mac decapitated and eaten for lunch are stoically endured, up to a point, when it is Toby doing the pestering. Toby thinks Cherokee's tail is the greatest teething ring ever invented, and he regularly gets his ears boxed for acting on that assumption, but, as I said, not near as vigorously as Mac would receive for that same act of lese-majeste.

Just now Cherokee was playing meatloaf, snoozing on the living room carpet, when Toby ran up to him and started licking the surprised feline all over. If Mac were to try that, he would quickly be wearing his tongue for a tie, but the puppy was treated with forbearance. Cherokee got this wide-eyed look and stood up. Toby eagerly tried to cover him with puppy spit. Still unwilling to give the obstreperous youngster the thrashing he would have instantly given the older dog, Cherokee turned to walk away with as much dignity as he could muster.

That was when Toby gave him a big wet one right in the old exhaust pipe.

"MEEOOOWRRRR!!!!" Cherokee leaped straight up, and with a bound he was on the sofa, safely out of the puppy's reach.

Critters; ya gotta love 'em!


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