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Good Show 2

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


You know, the kitties and puppies put on a pretty good show around here sometimes. Watching the cats interact with their toys and the dogs playing tug-of-war with a leash is both heart-warming and entertaining, a sign of a happy home. But under certain circumstances the owners put on an even better show.

Last night Patty was feeling a little down, so I mixed her up a margarita. Patty rarely drinks alcohol, so when she does it hits her hard. Plus margaritas make her romantic. :-)

You might recall the five stages of inebriation; cheerful, morose, belligerent, invincible, and bulletproof (I don't even like to think about a drunk with PMS. That's where they got the idea for the movie "Terminator."). Patty just keeps getting more and more cheerful until she goes to sleep. Last night she looked around at our menagerie and wanted to PLAY!

She got down on all fours, grasped the dogs' leash in her mouth, and shook it at them, growling and challenging them to take it away from her. Mac and Toby just stared at her. Mac kind of wagged his tail, then put his head down on his paws and watched. The cats snoozed, looking up once in a while at Patty's antics.

Still grinning this big goofy grin, she got up and did her imitation of that frog with the top hat and cane in the cartoons, tap dancing and singing "Hello, my honey, hello, my baby. . . .," only she couldn't quite remember the lyrics, so it came out, "Hello, my kidney, hello, my liver. . ." Tap dancing in bare feet on a thick carpet kinda loses something in the translation, but she tried. The spirit is the thing, right? By now everyone and everything in the house was watching in amazement as she banged her shins and stubbed her toes on the furniture.

Samantha, Cherokee, and Pussy almost got interested enough to join in when Patty sat down on the floor and started batting a kitty toy around, but they managed to control themselves.

Finally she plopped down on the couch, still grinning and out of breath, and said, "I just love playing with the critters. I bet they're worn plumb out."

I just smiled and said, "Now it's my turn."


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