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The Trap

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


This evening we were sitting here watching tv, when I happened to think of a joke my great-grandfather used to play on my grandmother when she was small. It seemed like a harmless enough game to play with the kitties.

Some of you may recall I once had a recliner try to eat Sasha. Well, tonight the dresser tried to eat Sam. With Mac's help, of course.

I took a piece of string and placed it all around the room, behind furniture and across open spaces. I then tied a clean hanky to one end of the string and waited for someone to investigate. Enter Samantha, stage right.

She sniffed at the hanky and tried to put a paw on it. I took the slack out of the string and twitched it just a little. Sam seemed surprised that the hanky should have a life of its own and tried to put her paw on it again. I moved the hanky about a foot and she leaped at it and I reeled it in faster and faster until hanky and cat were flying all over the room, the elusive hanky just out of reach. They went behind chairs and around the fireplace and across the room and back again, Sam getting more and more excited as they went.

That was when the hanky ran and hid behind the dresser. We were moving furniture around last week as I painted various pieces, and the dresser wound up doing duty as a (temporary) tv stand. The dresser sits on a kind of pedestal, so that the base is about five inches from the wall, just enough room for Sam to stick her head in but not her body. The dresser itself is only about three inches from the wall. With one paw she scrabbled frantically for that enticing hanky that was just out of reach.

Enter Mac. He wanted to HELP! Tail wagging furiously he leaped to the rescue and goosed Sam right in the round brown with his cold puppy nose. With a screech you hear to Jericho Sam jumped straight up and jammed her head between the dresser and the wall. She didn't know if the hanky or the dresser or Mac had grabbed her, but she was not happy. Mac helped by barking furiously at the dresser; Sam kept screeching, tail and fur standing on end.

I jumped off the couch and ran to her rescue, but she managed to yank her head loose just as I got there. She glared at Mac with fire in her eye. Mac said, "Oops!" and took off up the stairs. The only thing that saved his bacon was my pulling vigorously on the string and the hanky crossing Sam's path just as she got to the stairs. She caught the hanky, and in about thirty seconds there wasn't enough left to blow a gnat's nose.

Ya' gotta love 'em.


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