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Empty Food Dish

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


Sometimes I'm so mean to these little hairy varmint critters. Just now as I came to sit down at the puter, I noticed the kitties' food dish was nearly empty. Not quite, but getting close. I'll have to fill it pretty soon, but they won't starve to death. One look at these little chow hounds and you know they've never missed a meal.

Sasha and Willoughby were asleep on the couch until I came in, whereupon they both followed me into the office. While they were here, they might as well grab a bite, right? So they both jumped up on the cabinet and stared unbelievingly, first at the food dish, then at me. I ignored them.

Sasha leaped clear across the room and landed at my feet. She looked up with those big, sad eyes and said, "Meow?" I looked at her with my most innocent expression. "Hummm?" She then touched my leg with one paw and meowed SO pitifully. "Look. Papa, I'm wasting away right before your eyes. Please feed me."

I looked at the food dish, and it still had some in it. "What's wrong, Sasha?"

She jumped back to my side and leaned on me with both front paws. If ever any critter demonstrated extreme want and near starvation, it was her. The expression on her face reminded me of the tv commercials for children in Africa. "Won't you please help feed this starving. . ." "Meow, Dammit, MEOW!" Again with the innocent look. "What's the matter, Kitty?"

Desperate, she jumped into my lap and started pawing at my chin, claws extended. Willoughby, who is rarely affectionate, was doing S's around my feet and purring his little brain out, stopping about every other revolution to rub hard against my legs in a seeming ecstasy of pure, disinterested love, as if he couldn't care less if I fed him, he loved me for my mind! Uh-huh.

Finally I got up and filled the food dish just to get them out of my hair. The two cats leaped to the attack the minute that delectable sound of food rattling in the dish hit their ears. They each took one bite and came and stretched out on the floor where they could watch me type.


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