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by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


Samantha is starting to make her presence known. Today I lay down to take a nap while Patty went shopping. Mac crawled under the covers with me, and Cherokee and Sasha sprawled out in various places on top of the bed. Sam stayed aloof, somewhere downstairs.

Sasha got right up against one side as befits her status in the hierarchy. Cherokee lay at my feet, slowly ooching higher on the bed and nearer to me without crowding Sasha, one paw at a time. Mac crawled over my foot under the covers and took up station between my feet.

Suddenly the bed quaked as Her Chubbiness, Sam, bounded over the foot of the bed and curled up right on top of Mac.

He must have made a comfortable nest, because Sam sprawled out in all her glory and completely covered the poor mutt.

Now Mac is pretty good natured about things like this, but he is unequivocally opposed to being smothered by some lard-a**ed cat. He gave a lunge to get free, and Sam whomped him hard enough to make me cringe. She has a tremendous swat. I heard a whimper from under the quilt, then everything was still.

I enticed Sam up to another position, whereupon Mac shot out from under the covers and took up residence on the floor. No tender blandishments on my part, only slightly marred by hisses and snarls from Sam, could coax him back onto the bed.

Ah, women. What would we poor males do without them. :-)


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