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Pooper Puppy

by David Yehudah, Bellflower, CA, USA


They're doing it again! Mac has gotten into a very bad habit lately. He gets angry with us for leaving him alone and craps on the floor while we're gone. :(

I've been progressively getting more and more vigorous in my denunciations of his defecations, until today I blew my top. I grabbed that little mutt by the scruff of the neck, rubbed his nose in his latest example of defiance, and whomped him on the butt with a small rolled up newspaper. When I turned him loose, he scooted under the bed and stayed there for some time.

Still fuming I sat down at the computer and wrote the previous post, plus a couple of other things.

Just as I got calmed down a bit, Mac ran in all excited, barking his little brain out. When I stood up, he ran into the living room and stood there yelping excitedly at his "find."

Right in the exact spot where he'd left his little "deposit" earlier was a cat turd. Mac was almost turning cartwheels; "Look what that cat did! Just look! Whip him, Papa, Get him a good one."

Mac isn't real bright, or he would have noticed the cat scat was covered in cat litter. Mac had dragged it in there hoping I'd beat the cats to a pulp. I grabbed the newspaper again and lunged. Mac took one look, yelped, and ran under the bed again.

Lord, give me strength.


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