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Rolling Myra

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


The cat loves new people caring for him. They're such easy game. When my sister, Myra arrived recently to look after Ollie while we were away he eyed her the way he looks at a dish of caviar.

"Don't let the cat put it across you," I told Myra, ":he's smarter than a cartload of monkeys."

"The cat doesn't exist that can outwit me," said Myra, "remember I'm an x-school teacher."

But when we got home it was obvious that Myra had been rolled by the cat.

"Aren't you cold with the window open?" I asked, "there's snow on the hills."

Myra was sitting on the sofa wearing Ollie around her neck. She tickled his chin "The little darling likes the window open," she intoned. "It makes it so much easier for him to come in."

I eyed the cat. He was smirking from ear to ear.

I opened the frig. It was packed with half-opened tins of cat food.

"The little darling is so particular about his food," said Myra, "and he loves variety."

Myra gushed on. "Ollie is such a lovely cat. You should see him. He likes to talk to me at eye-level. Why, he even jumps on top of the letter box when I collect the mail and he always shares my bed at night."

Now that Myra is home again she rings daily to check on her darling. I have to get the cat and let him purr into the phone. Ollie loves it. When Myra coos "How is my darling Ollie Pooh," he answers 'meow'.

It's all so nauseating. It's getting so that I'm scared to introduce anyone to THAT CAT. And, as Ted hasn't arrived back we still have Ollie and Ted episodes in store - 'sigh'.


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