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The Spring Demolition Derby

by Beverley, Napier, New Zealand


I discovered three daffodils under the clothesline this morning. I bent over and sniffed them - mmmmmmm, they were perfect and the herald of spring. "You are brave coming out so early", I told them "it's a hard winter world out here."

I went off to the kitchen to admire again my new bay window. I live in hopes that Ted will come back some day to finish installing it. Looking out at the back yard I noticed that Ollie had taken my place by the daffodils. It was a charming sight - the cat sniffing each daffodil in turn. I guessed Ollie had a sense of beauty and looked around for my camera.

When I looked back the scene had changed. Ollie was thrashing around in the daffodils. It was as if a small dervish was at work. He was having a cat frenzy. Up, down, churning around, crashing, biting, rolling. He chomped off a daffodil head, threw it in the air and cleverly caught it. Munch, crunch, delicimo.

By the time I arrived the cat was suffering from temporary exhaustion, lying on a bed of mangled leaves and blooms. A piece of yellow daffodil was stuck to his nose.

"How could you," I wailed, "How could you; you've ruined spring." There were actually tears in my eyes.

Ollie wasn't listening. His eyes were fixed on a distant object and his body was quivering as he gathered himself for a fresh onslaught. But on what. I followed the line of his gaze. A clump of snowdrops grew under the apple tree. From the centre of the clump poked the lone head of a shy, young snowdrop.

"No," I yelled, "Stop!"

It was no good. The second stage of the Spring Demolition Derby had begun. Quick, give me three good reasons why I should love the cat!!!!!!!!!


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