Responses to 1NT when it has been Doubled

by David Stevenson [page 9 of 12]

Name: HelvicModified HelvicSwineTwisted Swine
PassRequires redblRequires redbl Requires redblRequires redbl
Redbl Forces 2C Forces 2C Forces 2C Forces 2C
2C C + D C + D C + H/S C + H/S
2D D + H D + H D + S D + H
2H H + S H + S H, fair hand H + S
2S S + C   S, fair hand Good S
2NT   Strong, unbalanced Strong, unbalanced
 After pass and opener's redouble:
PassTo playTo playTo playTo play
2C C + H C + H/S C + D C + D
2D D + S D + S D + H D + S
2H    H + S  
  After redouble and opener's 2C
Pass C C C C
2D D D D D
2H H H H H
2S S S S Poor S
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