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Misexplanation ( 15:21:40 SatJul 20 2002 )

987 A6
9865 T3
42 AKQT986
KT96 75

Board 31, NS Vul,
1D - X - P - 2H
*3D - 4H -**P - P
5D - P P X
all pass Result: 5Dx down 2, -300

* West asks what the 2H bid means. North says weak. The bid was not alerted.
**After North bid 4H, East says I thought playing standard the jump to 2H showed 9+ pts, and South shakes his head yes. The bidding continued. End of the auction, director called. North says he forgot the jump shift meaning with this partner who he has played with often, and plays it weak with his regular partner. He thought his partner had six hearts and a weak hand. EW complain they have been damaged. North says to West that he would bid 5D anyway, not vulnerable. West says probably so but still wants an adjustment for the misexplanation.

I did not change the result. How would you rule?
Thanks for your guidance.


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Re: Misexplanation ( 15:35:48 SatJul 20 2002 )

Sorry. I'm new at this. Hpefully OK now.


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Re: Misexplanation ( 00:23:54 SunJul 21 2002 )

It looks like you have the E and W hands reversed, but never mind. :wink:

West claims his side were damaged. I don't see how, though. After all, he said he would bid 5D anyway. Besides, he knew North's explanation was wrong, after East's question and South's response. So it begins to look like he's trying for a double shot. Not a good plan. Absent damage, no adjustment for the misexplanation.

The conversation between East and South raises a more interesting question, IMO. East's question, at the time it's made (he should have waited until the bidding was over), and South's response, conveys UI to West and, to me, suggests that NS might make 4H, and so perhaps West should sacrifice. So bidding on is an infraction. I might just adjust the score back to 4H making for NS on that basis. I could be wrong, though, and if so I'm sure David will correct me. :biggrin:


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Re: Misexplanation ( 01:50:52 SunJul 21 2002 )

There seem to be increasing incidences of the non-offending side wanting adjustments made when the opps have infringed in any way, whether there is damage or not.

I'm not sure if this is just ignorance or something worse. At the Zone this problem has increased to epidemic proportions, together with failures to alert, inadequate disclosure and deliberate slowness.

I'd be interested to have some information about procedural penalties, when they are applied and under what circumstances, as it seems to me that increased use thereof would solve a few problems.

Also, are these problems perhaps more evident in online bridge?


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Re: Misexplanation ( 14:41:13 SunJul 21 2002 )

I do not think the problems from misinformation are increasing, except insofar as the world is getting generally more litigious which means that director calls are increasing over time. :embarrassed:

I believe the problem to which you refer is based on ignorance usually. A lot of players expect a good score whenever their opponents get something wrong, but they always have! :rolleyes:

Online bridge does have specific problems since it has a number of people playing who have never been trained in playing in a social format. :frown:

On the actual hand I, too, see no damage.

As far as the hand diagram is concerned if you select the code Pre [in the box marked "Select a code here" and type within Pre and /Pre then things will look exactly as you type. :sheep:

David Stevenson <>
Liverpool, England, UK

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