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Radoslav Radev

redealing ( 14:46:55 TueApr 1 2003 )

Country: Bulgaria

Dear Sirs,
Please advise in what conditions Director may rule already played board to be redealt (supposed hand dealing, teams match)

Thanks in advance


427 posts
Forum Host

Re: redealing ( 00:54:43 WedApr 2 2003 )

That is remarkably difficult to answer! No doubt there are cases, though not very many. For example, the TD may not order the board redealt because there is a difficult ruling to make [though I have known it to happen!].

If the wrong pair played a board it would seem reasonable to redeal it with the right pair.

Of course redealing is a common solution if the hand has not been played: if a board is dealt, and it is found to have 14 cards in one hand, 12 in another, the board is cancelled and redealt. Law 13A3 covers this.

Actually, consider this: if the hand is played like that Law 13 requires that the result be cancelled. While an artificial score could be given [the first paragraph of Law 13 says it should be] in paractical terms a redeal would seem sensible.

OK, let me summarise: if there is a ruling which leads to the result being cancelled for any reason, then a redeal [if there is time] seems a sensible alternative to an artificial score. But if there is a result which is not being cancelled then it should stand, or be adjusted by an assigned score.

It si a very wide field, and I would prefer to answer specific cases. Was there some problem that led to this question, and if so perhaps you could let us know what it was.

Later this year the English Bridge Union intends to bring out its new "White Book" which contains lots of strange regulations, and advice for TDs. This problem will be addressed there, and it will be available on the EBU web site. I shall be posting the URL here on IBLF since it is of use to TDs throughout the world. Did I mention that I am the editor? :smile:

David Stevenson <>
Liverpool, England, UK

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Forum Host

Re: redealing ( 21:48:56 SunApr 6 2003 )

Country: USA

I can think of only three situations where I have ordered a board redealt after it had already been played.
1) It was previously played with more than 13 cards in one hand, and fewer in another hand.

2) It was played with 13 cards in each hand, but two or more hands now have more/fewer than 13 cards, and it is impossible to reconstruct the hand.
(This one happened two days ago - not sure if it was 1) or 2); fortunately this was noticed in round 2)

3) It was played in a previous round/session, and never reshuffled.
(This one happened yesterday - I was not directing, but was consulted by phone; unfortunately it was not noticed until the 3rd time the board had been played).

See Laws 13A3 and 6D2

-Jim O'Neil
Oak Park, IL
Frances Hinden

Re: redealing ( 18:19:18 MonApr 7 2003 )

Country: UK

Slightly pedantic addition:

In a head-to-head teams of 4 match, if it was played the wrong way round in one of the rooms.

This is second hand, so I may have the details wrong: there was some confusion in a private (NICKO) match last year, when an entire set of 8 boards were played the same way round in both rooms. It apparantly was not clear from the regulations if all 8 boards should be redealt, or if the set should be cancelled. The temporary ruling was to redeal & replay the 8 and see what happened. Of course, a different team won depending what the rules were...


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Re: redealing ( 19:35:34 MonApr 7 2003 )

Quite an important addition I would say, Frances!

There have been several situations where an entire stanza has been redealt and replayed - including, I seem to remember, the semi-final of a Spingold.

The problem in the case you mention was that half the stanza was played in the wrong direction, ie four boards [Nicko? probably six boards, not four].

It is also true that a hole was found in the regs, though I thought the ruling clear enough myself. Anyway, that is the way to build regs: plug the holes! :smile:

Yes, if a board is fouled in a k/o match then it is redealt and replayed unless:

[1] The result of the match is known before the board is replayed AND there is only one fouled board, OR
[2] One side is responsible for fouling a board, and they have already acquired a bad score on it.

David Stevenson <>
Liverpool, England, UK

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