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James Vickers

Control of boards / travellers ( 13:18:16 TueJun 24 2003 )

Country: UK

Someone recently asked me who is responsible for controlling the boards in play at a particular table. My response was "The stationary pair, if there is one" (L7D), although checking the book I see that North is responsible for moving the boards for the next round unless the director instructs otherwise (L8A2).

What prompted the question was an incident (at a different club) where the questioner had tried to check the movement card to make sure they were at the right table with the right boards and was told brusquely by a stationary North to mind her own business.

Now apart from North being in dire need of a lesson in good manners, what's the legal situation here? Whenever I direct a movement involving table cards I announce at the beginning that both pairs should check this information at the beginning of each round, both to minimise the risk of mistakes and so that I can penalise both sides if the wrong boards are played, but supposing no such announcement is made? Who carries the can if the wrong moving pair or boards are played?

Also, as far as I know it used to be a requirement for North to complete the traveller, but this was revoked in 1987. Since most players are blissfully unaware of this change, it rarely causes any problem, and if I ever have to resolve the issue I tell them something like: "North should usually complete the traveller, but if they prefer not to that's OK provided (1) SOMEONE fills out the traveller, and (2) the entry is checked by the opposition."

Just as important as the answers to the above, which law or regulation can I cite to sceptics who assert that "Everyone knows that North moves the boards and fills out the traveller!"?



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Re: Control of boards / travellers ( 13:55:49 TueJun 24 2003 )

You seem to have read the Law correctly. Stationary players have a primary responsibility for control of boards, but only primary. If the board is put on the table and played arrow-switched all four players were at fault.

Scoring is generally done by North, but unless the TD gives an instruction [which over-rides everything else] then this is a matter of custom and practice.

In Howell movements it is normal for both sides to check, and many TDs make it a requirement.

You will just have to tell your players this. As to the actual North I would suggest a small disciplinary penalty.

David Stevenson <>
Liverpool, England, UK

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